Steam Train Experience

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Steam Train Experience

Steam Train Experience : Think of a steam train, and your mind conjures up those powerful locomotives we’ve seen with huge billows of black smoke spewing out of the engines smokestack, barrelling down the railroad track pulling a chain of rail cars behind it.

Steam locomotives were powered by steam engines, and deserve to be remembered because they swept the world through the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. Steam engines rank with cars, airplanes, telephones, radio, and television among the greatest inventions of all time. They are marvels of machinery and excellent examples of engineering. A steam engine is a machine that converts the heat energy of steam into mechanical energy. A steam engine passes its steam into a cylinder, where it then pushes a piston back and forth. It is with this piston movement that the engine can do mechanical work.

Steam locomotives have been described as the closest man has come to creating a living being. Steam trains are exciting, loud, and capture the imagination of both the young and old.

The steam train has been around for over 200 years moving passengers from place to place. Seeing the trains in all their glory brings a real sense of history.

The pleasure and excitement can still be experience today in the 21st century, let yourself be whisked back in time when steam engines were the mode of travel from town to town or city to city. Let yourself be whisked back to a more gracious time with our selection of classic steam train day trips.

Looking for a Day Out with a difference? Day Trips by Steam Train start from a number of locations in England & Wales and travel through scenic countryside to places of interest. Enjoy the thrills of a working steam locomotive. Seeing the trains in all their glory brings a real sense of history to your day and there is always plenty to see, making this a great day out.



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