Paintball Games


Paintball Games

Paintball is really an excellent Team building activity with colleagues. They discover strategic games that encourage leadership and group creating abilities. Also, paintball games emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork.

Guidelines are developed to make sure that participants take pleasure in the hobby in a secure atmosphere. As paintball requires a lot of operating, diving and crawling, the suitable long lasting clothes has to become worn whilst actively playing paintball.

You’re never too old to play ‘soldiers’! Dodge exploding pellets and gun down the enemy in simulated skirmishes. Paintballing great fun, it will test your skills of endurance, quick-thinking, leadership and teamwork. You’ll be running around purpose built imaginative ‘battle-fields’ which may include trekking through the jungle to locate an ancient stone pyramid in the ‘Tomb Raider’ game,. Whichever battle you’re thrown into, you can be sure of an amazing day of paint-filled fun!

If you’re a first time paintballing, then be careful, you will be asking yourself, what just hit me? Splat! Where did it come from?

You were just hit (or marked) by a little round colourful paintball object. A basic paintball is a round capsule filled with a water-soluble dye in a gelatine capsule and comes in nice bright colours. Put this little round colourful ball in a device called a “marker” and you have the beginnings of an experience you will never forget. The game of Paintball!

Paintball has evolved since it started in the 1980’s and is now considered to be a sport and not only a game. Everyone starts out as a recreational player. Paintball simulates military combat, leadership and team building with the gigantic exception that no one dies when hit by a paintball.

You’re now fitted in your camouflage clothing and safety gear of a protective mask or goggles. Your knee pads are in place. You are off for the most exciting experience you can imagine-have a great day!



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