Bungee Jump Thrill seekers

bungee jump

Bungee Jump Thrill seekers

Bungee Jump & Leap towards the earth with the world’s mad & craziest thrill seeking activity. You will be gobsmacked by the sensation of falling to earth and the extraordinary feeling of being pulled upwards by the elasticated rope. This is a once in a lifetime thrilling & heart pounding experience.

With trained professionals whilst your feet are still firmly on the ground, you will be weighed and brought up to speed on safety protocols. You will be fitted with your safety harnesses before being winched up in the cage with a professional jump master. Once the health and safety checks are completed, it will be “3, 2, 1 BUNGEE” and off you go!

Bungee jumping started in the 1950’s, but was popularised during the 1980’s and has since grown as the number one thrill seeking sport. It is classed as an extreme sport outdoor activity, it gives a thrill of Adrenaline rush that cannot be compared with anything else, once a jump is completed the excitement and victorious accomplishment goes beyond any other extreme sport.

Modern bungee jumping is taken up by young and old, and take on this activity to overcome a fear, and overcoming this fear is done by completing a bungee jump.

To us humans, to soar through the air, and thrill seeking has been with us for centuries and bungee jumping offers this thrill and adrenalin rush with utmost safety in mind.

Where do you jump off from? You may ask, there are several different structures that bungee jumping is carried out from which include bridges, towers or cages carried up by cranes.

Good health is a necessity for all participants, no special skill is required as instruction will be given prior to the bungee jump taking place. Like more seasoned bungee jumpers once you have completed your first bungee jump you will want to go for another.


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